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Connection problems with Alienware X51

Firsly I'm not entirely sure this is the right section to be posting this, apoligies if it's not.


Over the past couple of days my girlfriends computer(my old computer) hasn't been able to connect to our hub for more than 20 seconds, if that.


It connects fine, says it has full signal and then it just drops suddenly and the network isn't even available.


I don't believe the hub is the issue since my computer, PS4, iPod, her phone and her Wii-U all connect just fine...


I opened the thing up and checked the network card, I'm no tech whiz but it didn't look broken and it didn't feel loose, problem persists even after putting it back in and making sure it's secure.


The odd thing is that after it disconnects BT Wifi X and BT FON stay as options to connect to, they go away eventually but it's mostly just our actual hub that disappears. The computer can connect to those networks also.


Truly stumped with this one, checked everything on Windows there's no setting disabling internet usage so far as I can tell and it's never had problems like this before.


The only other thing I can note is that our signal has been rather sketchy lately, even though my computer is no more than 3 feet away from the hub sometimes I get just a couple of bars of signal. However other devices work just fine in the bedroom where my girlfriends computer is.


Anyone faced a similar issue?


I have ordered a USB wi-fi adapter, if the network card is the issue that should hopefully allow my girlfriend to connect again.



If not then hopefully upgrading to Infinity will boost the signal, it's almost as though the signal has become so weak it can't go through a wall. It was fine before.

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Re: Connection problems with Alienware X51

Changing to Infinity won't sort your problem. Infinity is only a different way that broadband is delivered to your house and if everything else is working OK it is obviously not the broadband that is the problem.


You should try a factory reset of the Homehub by pressing a pin into the recess button on the rear for about 20 seconds. This can often sort out problems.


If that doesn't help it could be that your wireless network card is faulty and if you have a new USB wireless adaptor coming I would try that before trying any thing else to fix the problem.

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Re: Connection problems with Alienware X51

Thanks for the reply.


Yeah I was just thinking that with Infinity it could be that the hubs signal has become really weak and it doesn't broadcast well further than this room, it seems more likely it's the computer though.


It's a fairly old computer that's seen a lot of use too could just be going out the door unfortunately.



Ah well, guess I'll find out when this adaptor comes next week.

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Re: Connection problems with Alienware X51

It's the wireless card either the drivers are **bleep** or the card is faulty. 


Go searching for the card drivers, there's nothing wrong with the BT hub otherwise it would be showing issues with other tech.


Sometimes wireless cards also don't like what frequency you are using, but on most modern routers you can change the wireless channel see if that makes a diff as something could be interferring with the specific wireless channel that the card on the Alienware struggles with. (Not a BT customer, also wouldn't use there hubs myself)

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