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Connection speeds, IP Profile and download speeds



I had help from one of the mods a few weeks ago to get my line speed back up and for a while it was much better but now it has started to slip a bit.  I wondered if anyone could explain the association between Line Rate, IP Profile and actual download speeds.


I thought that the line IP profile was BT throttling the line if it detected an instability but I'm not so sure now.  My line had an IP profile of 6.7 I think originally yet although my router has stayed on for the last 3 weeks the IP profile has steadily dropped to 5.15 now taking the download speed with it.  I even installed the 'Boradband Accelerator' to try and help but the line speed still dropped.


I have a HH 4 so the diagnostics are pretty limited but my stats are :-


09:22:41, 24 Feb.(238957.360000) DSL noise margin: 23.00 dB upstream, 6.00 dB downstream
09:22:41, 24 Feb.(238957.290000) DSL line rate: 448 Kbps upstream, 5856 Kbps downstream
09:22:26, 24 Feb.

(238942.360000) DSL is down after 3980 minutes uptime


I assume that the DSL Line Rate is affecting the IP profile or is it the other way around?  If I change to another router is there the possibility that the IP profile / Line Rate might go up (down as well I assume!) or does this need to be something done by the exchange?


Must admit I wish I had stayed with TalkTalk with whom I got a steady and reliable 7Mbps.  BT Sport is not worth the agro I'm getting with the broadband but of course I'm locked into an 18 month contract.  I am on ADSL Max

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Re: Connection speeds, IP Profile and download speeds

you are on adslmax up to 8mb


your connection speed determines your profile which is 88.% of conenction speed and that then determines your max download speed.  download speed should not exceed your profile although on some low speeds it can happen



from reading your previous posts you are on new profile system which changes as and when connection speed changes


can you enter your phone number and post results


remember to delet phone number first


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Re: Connection speeds, IP Profile and download speeds

you would be better off removing the bell wire from every socket then using the accelerator

this link explains more
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