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Considering a SIM only deal

I'm considering a SIM only deal with BT Mobile but as I have never had a smart phone before and wasn't entirely happy with the way my broadband was managed when I swapped to BT I'm a bit reluctant to proceed without being as sure as I can be of my facts before taking the plunge.  


I have a couple of questions:-


The various deals £5 or £10 SIM seem okay but there's nothing to indicate if that price is for a set period and if after a year or something, they suddenly increase.   (This is one issue I had with the broadband - the advantageous deal I had suddenly disappeared without warning and I was totally unaware of it when signing up)  If I took the £5 deal for example does it increase?  When and to what price?


I also want to transfer my existing number over and I gather this is possible with a PAC code obtained from my current mobile provider - is it straightforward? 

Thanks in advance


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Re: Considering a SIM only deal

The current deals of £5, £10 or £20 apply to all BT broadband customers.  It's not a special introductory deal.


The minimum contract is 12 months, but after that, you should carry on paying the same price all the time you stay with BT.  If you leave BT broadband, the price will go up by £5 per month.


There is no guarantee that the price will not rise.  Instead, BT says: "We may change any prices and terms during your contract. If this affects you, we'll tell you about important changes in advance, and you'll be able to end your contract without any fees."


You should be able to transfer your number with a PAC code.  Straightforward - who knows?  It probably will be, unless something goes wrong.

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Re: Considering a SIM only deal

Prices for BB do vary when your contract ends becuuse for example you would have had a special discount for 12 months. BT does make all customers aware how much you will pay and how much after your contract ends you will pay for your BB if you dont renew and that is the standard for most providers. In terms of mobile unless there is a price change which BT would at least give you 30 days notice of the change once the contract ends the price will stay the same.

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Re: Considering a SIM only deal

Many thanks all.   One of the reasons I'm a bit nervous about taking the plunge is that when I joined BT as a broadband customer I was not aware that I was on a special deal for 12 months and the sudden price increase was a shock to the bank balance.   There didn't seem to be anything on the papers I received to indicate any short term deal or any indication of an expected price hike at the end of it so I want to be sure before I go into it.  At the moment I'm paying £10 for a basic phone service - I've never had a smart phone before so it's all a bit new to me - and I'm contemplating taking the more expensive sim only deal at £10 BUT if it's likely to increase by £5 at the end of the year I will settle for the cheaper deal.  Just being over cautious perhaps. 

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