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Considering infinity

Hi I live in a rural location and just about 1mb speed so am considering switching to infinity just for it to be faster (approx 25mb).  We are currently on bb1 limited to 10gb 'cos I'm not paying high prices for poor downloads.  Most months we are below the limit sometimes by a long way others we have to stop using it a few days before the end of the month!


We currently update the software on a mac, ipad and iphone, use facebook and the farmville game, send emails and my husband likes watching film trailers.  Of course the idea is that if we can get a faster connection and are able to download the odd film that may happen and some tracks off itunes.  We do not listen to internet radio or use the iplayer.


Anyway to the point would 40gb be ok? I have seen some postings of high unusual useage by macs but it will only update if we allow it.  The iphone generally uses fon or the mobile provider to access the net but the ipad uses the bt line.  I don't really want to pay for useage we are unlikely to use.  Any advice please.


Also our master socket is already isolated from the phone line the only way we could increase our speed from 256k! and is in the study but we have solid walls and a very wide house so we currently cannot get a wifi signal upstairs eg for the ipad we have 2 fuse boxes so would the powerlines work? and do they work with the ipad1 anyway?


thank you for any help you can give

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Re: Considering infinity



In July I moved from BT broadband with the 10GB usage cap to BT Infinity option 1 with a 40GB usage allowance.


In the year that I was on the 10Gb usage (with 1.5Mbps download) I received two advisory emails saying I was at 7Gb and never went over the 10GB.


There are two main users connected via wireless n on our laptops (not macs).


The only thing I can say is that our usage has gradually increased but it's easy to stay within 40GB....

I think if there was an Infinity with only 10GB I wouldn't recommend it. 

But as your 10Gb increases to 40GB alowance per month then assuming you haven't got plans to start watching TV over internet everyday on top of what you usually used to do then you'll be ok. If you find you need unlimited you can always upgrade of course.


Plus some info on things to do regarding wireless distribution/solid walls in the links on THIS POST.

I am not sure about the Homeplugs and Two fuse boxes unfortunately.


So from a less than 10 Gb monthly usage (approx 0.3Gb per day) I have slowly increased... 0.5Gb in Nov to about December's 1Gb a day.-


Usage meter 16Nov 2011.jpgUsage 8 Dec 2011.jpg








Please Click On any Text in Blue as that automatically links to information.


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Re: Considering infinity

thank you for the reply about the useage, I agree as you get used to it I'm sure we will use it more especially if we are paying for it!  I think we will try the 40gb as I presume it is easier to upgrade than downgrade!


I will see if anyone else comments on the extenders before I close the thread.


I know  a neighbour of mine uses the develo superfast with infinity and hh3 which at least means I know they are compatable I shall do some searching on line to see if there is more information.

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