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Constant Disconnections



This little problem arose late last week and seems to have gotten worse, today in particular being the worst day thus far.


I am using the BT Voyager 205 router connected to my computer via USB, been using this for about 4 years with no problems at all.


For some reason my broadband now disconnects every 4 and a half minutes. The DSL light on the router flickers off and then back on, reconnecting me after about 20 seconds.


Yet over the weekend I was able to get online and stay online for a few hours here and there before this constant disconnecting every 4 and a half minutes started again. It's extremely odd.


Today it has been doing this non stop, though I was able to stay online for about an hour earlier, but then it was straight back to being disconnected and reconnected every 4 and a bit minutes.


The reason I know it's every 4 and a half minutes (roughly) is because I watched how long it took before it would disconnect on the Voyager's control panel online.


I have tried changing the micro filter, connecting to the master socket, restarting the router, disabling firewall, checked for both Spyware and Viruses (computer is clean), connecting to a different USB socket, I even reset the router to it's default settings on the control panel and nothing has made any difference.


I have no idea what is going on, as nothing has been moved physically, and no settings have been changed my end whatsoever.


As of typing this I have not been disconnected for just gone 7 minutes, how long that lasts is anyone's clue.


Any help with this would be extremely appreciated as it is getting very annoying.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Constant Disconnections

Managed to get online for a solid 20 mins late last night, then right back to the 4 and a half minute disconnections.


I turned the computer off, left the router on and it was still disconnecting every so often (DSL light continued to go out). So it's nothing on the computer side of things.


Are there any BT workers on here that can lend a hand with this at all?


If not I shall have to brave the customer service line.

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Re: Constant Disconnections

Is there any chance you could borrow another router from a friend or neighbour for an hour or two?  That might be the quickest way of eliminating the router as the source of the problem - they do get old and die eventually.  When they go, it can be instantaneous, or gradually cough and splutter themselves out of existence.


The sooner you do something though, the better, as constant disconnects will affect your SNR target and the IP profile - possibly resultng in lower download speeds.


If you can't get hold of a router - work through any of the suggestions here that you haven't yet tried.

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