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Constant Internet Traffic Problem

Currently struggling with a computer problem which seems to have arisen since I switched to BT about a month ago(but I can't be certain!). Of course, the BT helpdesk has not been very helpful! Maybe someone out there can help!?!
I have a constant drain to and from the internet of about 0.02Mb, which doesn't sound like much but over a day can add up to about 300Mb. As I only have a package with a monthly limit of 10Gb this could be critical!
Can't see anything obvious running (have used msconfig and services.msc to selectively switch off processes but don't seem to be able to track down the culprit. I've got AVG Free 2011 running as a virus checker and I've done a complete scan with nothing found.
Activity seems to be a file called SvcHost.exe in the windows/system32 directory. This is a Windows utility file containing all sorts of processes and if I block it, my internet connection drops out! Anybody know any problems with this file and how to solve it?

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Re: Constant Internet Traffic Problem

You will needs to keep this file running. Switching to BT has not caused that. That file would be needed whether you were with 02 ,TalkTalk, Sky, Virgin or whatever.



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