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Constant connection drop - really weird

Since middle of december ive been having a really odd issue with my broadband.  Every so often (several times a day) my internet suddenly 'stalls' and nothing will load...then 20 seconds later my BB light turns orange and then back to blue and my internet works again.  This happens several times a day for no apparent reason and this is the router log from the last 2 minutes when it happened again...


23:59:39   6 JanLOGIN User admin logged in on [HTTP] (from
23:59:36   6 JanUPnP action 'DeletePortMapping' from ip= (Action failed)
23:59:19   6 JanLOGIN User Basic logged in on [HTTP] (from
23:59:12   6 JanPPP link up (Internet) []
23:59:12   6 JanFIREWALL event (1 of 1): modified rules
23:59:12   6 JanPPP CHAP Chap receive success : authentication ok
23:59:10   6 JanUPnP action 'AddPortMapping' from ip= (Success)
23:59:08   6 JanPPP CHAP Receive challenge (rhost =
23:59:00   6 JanUPnP action 'AddPortMapping' from ip= (Success)
23:58:58   6 JanFIREWALL event (1 of 2): created rules
23:58:58   6 JanFIREWALL event (1 of 2): deleted rules
23:58:58   6 JanPPP link down (Internet) []


Can anyone tell from that what could be going on?


This happens even when only my vision box is connected and nothing else is using the internet so that rules out anything on my PC causing the problem.


The logs included my IP address which I didnt want to make public so I changed it to [] incase you were wondering why it was like that lol.


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