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Constant connection problems, ongoing for the last few months.



Starting from june, I have had an issue with my infinity connection.


Every so often, the connection would cut out, the DSL would disconnect, and then attempt to reconnect taking around a minute each time.


We have been on the phone to BT many times, and they have come to loads of conclusions, ranging from the homehub being the issue, to there not being a problem.


The most recent contact made to the customer help centre ended with them admitting there was a fault on the line, which 2 days ago, they rang back, and said it was fixed. On the contrary, it is now worse than ever.


Last night alone I experienced 12 outages in the space of 3 hours.


The current status is as follows:


Line Status


Attainable rate (Down/Up) (kbit/s): 53928 / 11121

SNR margin (Down/Up) (dB):          5.6 / 5.6

Line attenuation (dB):                   0 / 0

Output power (Down/Up) (dBmV): 13.5 / 7.5


Line rate: (Down/Up) (kbit/s):         44296 / 8724

CRC errors (Down/Up):                  12836432 / 0

FEC errors (Down/Up):                   211128 / 0

HEC errors (Down/Up):                  6648 / 0


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Constant connection problems, ongoing for the last few months.

I have had exactly the same problem over exactly the same time frame. Didn't really think much of it until I noticed BT Sport wouldn't work. A few calls to BT got me nowhere and the the fix they where sure would work didn't, however this was about the 3rd or 4th attempt at a solution. Thereafter I started taking a bit more note of on demand crashing, kids getting upset when Xbox live gameplay crashed and realised it's dropping out many times a day. It almost seems rhythmic like it's on a cycle.

Due to being overseas I can't call them about it yet but the BT infinity has been a total pain. Sure it downloads faster but overall it's a worse service than we had before.

The BT sport issue they claim is due to powerline adapters but connecting direct doesn't make any difference. I also ran the BT speedtest on the port coming out of the powerline adapter and it was just as fast as the speed coming out of the home hub. Given an engineer comes and installs it all it's pretty poor, I was not at home at the time and he clearly didn't check to see if BT sport was working or if the extra channels your meant to get where there, which they aren't.

I would guess this issue is not isolated so BT need to get on the case and sort it out or I'll be cancelling the whole lot and going elsewhere.
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