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Constant faults and Broadband dropping then re-connecting since october

I have BT infinity with HH6, since late october probably when upgraded to infinity the not so Smart Hub, decides it no longer wants to be "online" and has its own little disco with the lights, drops connection and takes anything from 5 mins to 3hours to reconnect the broadband, all this time the PSTN line and dial tone are unaffected. 


Symtoms start like this


1st - internet (wifi & Cabled) slows down to a crawl

2nd - Wifi devices start to drop off including Hive - Sonos - Google Home etc etc

3rd - Cabled devices lose connection to internet

4th - Hub lights turn RED

5th - Hub Lights flash Orange (have left this all day while out at work and still the same on my return)

6th - try to connect to hub via IP address to run connection repair wizard

7th - Hub eventually turns blue (have needed to power cycle more recently)


I have recieved a new HH6 and installed it, the line was fine for approx 12 hours and then has continued to do the same,

Have reported the faults online and via telephone only to be told its a fault in the exchange and we wll get an engineer out to repair it within 3 days, now i understand i'm only on a standard domestic contract and 3 days is the normal turn around, but this same fault has been going on since october, i have been offered compensation for the down time of £8 for 3 days, that is a joke, my mobile Data allowance has been hammered during these downtimes (2 children and a wife must have internet.....)


Your responses or advice would be appreciated,

my contract ends in february and i'm not likely to stay with BT (20 years with them inc TV, Telephone & BB) 




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