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Contact Us - Feedback wanted

Good afternoon everyone,

I am hoping that some of you may have a few spare moments and would be happy to share your thoughts with me.

You may have seen some of the other BT Digital Team introduce themselves over at and to introduce myself, I work in the Digital – Get Help team over at BT (looking after BT & EE) and one of the things we are looking to work on is improving our existing Contact us pages, to make it easier for our customers to get the help and support they need.

What I am keen to get your thoughts and feedback on is, when you go to a company’s Contact us page, what do you expect to find on that page?  What are the key things you would be looking for?

I am also keen to hear any feedback you may have on our existing Contact us page, or if you have any thoughts on other company’s who have a good Contact us page.

All feedback is genuinely appreciated.

Thanks, Hayley



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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

There have been many posts on this forum asking if there is an email address for BT in general and for reporting problems and billing issues etc.

Given that BT and EE are communications companies it would not be unreasonable to expect them to have  email addresses as part of their "Contact Us" pages but it would appear not.

Perhaps this is something that should be considered although given that most of the emails sent out by BT and probably any replies from BT would end up in the spam box this may be something that will be to difficult to manage.

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

Thank you @gg30340 for your reply, and for calling out this is a regular theme you see on the Community.

Do you mind me asking is there a reason you would prefer email over a live digital chat?

Thanks, Hayley

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

I have had no occasion to use either and I have no preference. It is purely an observation of what many customers who have taken the time to post on the forum have asked for.

I would say however that if you use an email you can do this at anytime not just within BT's business hours which may not suit everybody and you do not need to be there to await a response.

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

Thanks @gg30340 - valuable insight 🙂
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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

By a  'live digital chat' do you mean having a video call with an advisor?  Apart from the possible timing problem there is also a problem if the customer problem is no broadband and therefore no internet. This would need the customer to have sufficient mobile data to participate in a video call

it does seem the way to go similar to the newly announced video call facility of the NHS

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

Hello @imjolly 

I was referring to an online chat (not video) , so could be done on desktop or mobile.  I was keen to understand more on the preference for email communication.

The video chat is an interesting one though.

I am also keen to hear more on what people generally expect to see/don't want to see on a contact us page, for any company not just BT.  

Thanks, Hayley


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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted

John Lewis is my favourite. Well laid out and easy to use, and find exactly what you are looking for, e.g. their Complaints procedure and their follow-up processes.

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted


Live chat sessions invariably end with the advice to ring 150, you then get told about Coronavirus causing delays etc, the truth is that even before Covid-19 you were lucky to get an answer from 150 in less than 20 minutes.

Personally I feel sure that e-mail communication would be more efficient than a chat session (which, I don't hold in high regard) and would relieve the pressure on 150

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Re: Contact Us - Feedback wanted


Thank you for sharing that about John Lewis,  I have spent some time looking over their site today and made note of some things, really good shout!

Thanks, Hayley

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