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Contract expiry

My contract is due to expire and my discount on my old tv package, Max HD and BT Sports  will no longer apply. Does anyone know how much the price increase will be and is it worth getting the new Now tv and BT sport package, my current bill for tv is £19 per month? Thanks

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Re: Contract expiry

I'm in the same position as you, (except my contract expires at the end of the year).  It primarily depends on whether you want to take one of the new Now TV packs or go with the Classic Entertainment pack. With the latter your bill will increase substantially to get what you have now.

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Re: Contract expiry

Thanks Hunter, any idea how much it goes up too, tried phoning but waited on hold for 10 minutes and got fed up, I can't find any info on website to say what it goes up to

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Re: Contract expiry

You would need Classic Entertainment £10, Entertainment Plus £5, BT Sport £15, BT Kids £5, and HD Bolt on £5. Total £40.

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Re: Contract expiry

I also have the MaxHD pack, contract ends later this year, but, IF I have read this correct, can you not carry on with this pack, lose your discounts, but would still be much cheaper than the alternative which involves paying extra for all the add ons I would require?  I get now TV entertainment passes easy enough anyway, and much cheaper than going through BT and paying £10 per month for entertainment, I recently got a 3 month pass for that price.  Is it possible to just carry on with MaxHD or will you be forced to go through the new nowtv packages route.

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Re: Contract expiry

You could carry on with the Entertainment Max HD package but you would still lose free BT Sport and any TV discounts that you had.
BT will try and offer you one of the new Now TV packs and also ask if you still won't the kids bolt on.

I moved from Entertainment Max HD to the Now TV big Entertainment pack with HD add on at the end of Feb. I still had  just over 3 months of my old 18 month contracts still  to go when I changed TV packages and renewed my BT Fibre 2.

Your broadband contract will also be renewed at the same time when you change or renew your TV package.


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Re: Contract expiry

Yes I could carry on with Max HD but my discount would end so the price would go up and there is no info anywhere saying what the price increase would be. Hunter posted the costs on a previous post which seems quite a lot

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Re: Contract expiry

Max HD without discount cost £25 per month, your bill should show the price you pay and the discount being applied.

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Re: Contract expiry

That's what I thought, £25, that is the price I come to when taking off the discount I get, that is still cheaper than the new NowTv route, which with all the add ons I would require, seems to come nearer to the £40 mark.  As long as BT Sport was still included  if I stick with the MaxHD pack, i am okay with paying full price, and getting cheaper nowtv entertainment passes from elsewhere, unless of course am I told different by BT.

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