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Contract renewal / cancellation

Hi all,


I've been with BT for a few years now, i originally signed up to an 18 month contract with BT Anywhere, the highest package. Now last night i phoned them to cancel the mobile phone part af BT Anywhere (no point having it as i've never actually used it and i sold the HTC phone on fleabay over a year ago!). The lady on the phone was great and offered me cheaper calls/broadband etc. but i'd have to sign up to a new 12 month contract. Well this isn't an issue cos i wasn't planning on leaving anyway and have always had reliable broadband from them. After going through it all and hanging up i suddenly thought i could really do with the new homehub as i have HH 2.0 and it doesn't have the G-bit lan or the wifi strength to reach the but the woman hadn't mentioned new equipment. Surely i would be entitled to new stuff the same as a new customer?! Well i gpt through to customer services after the online chat lady/man (the name didn't give me a clue to be honest) in India exhausted the script and transferred me. I was in the middle of conversing with the customer service lady when she told me the line was really bad and the chat operator hadn't tranferred me properly, could she call me back on the landline directly? I said that was fine but alarm bells started to ring when i realised it was 20:09 and they finish at 20:00! Obviously she didn't call back... lovely...


So tonight i called them back and explained to a guy on the phone again. I said surely if you don't want to give me a new router i can just cancel the renewed contract (i only agreed last night and they basically hung up on me when i rang) and sign up to a new 18 month one which would get me new equipment. He told me there IS NO COOLING OFF period on a contract renewal and gave me the technical dept phone number to see if they could do anything about my router problems (some special code which would give it G-lan maybe? lol)...


So thats where i stand at the minute. I think its **bleep** and if i can find somewhere that says i am legally in a cooling off period i may just cancel the **bleep** lot and go with TALK TALK or something. I mean i have been a loyal customer for around 4years now, its time for an upgrade!


Anyone have any advice? etc?


Thanks in advance,


Kind regards


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Re: Contract renewal / cancellation

They might be doing you a favour. Many people are having problems with HH3 and the smart money is on keeping version 2. 


By the way, I think the cooling-off period ends as soon as you start using the service, which probably means that there effectively isn't one. 

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