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Contract renewal

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How soon is too 'soon' ?


Upon logging into MyBt I get the following:



I assume that means my contract is about to end soon and BT wish me to renew it.


Upon checking my contract details I find that my contract does not end until March 2021.


Why the urgency to get me to renew so soon BT?





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Re: Contract renewal

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It will be one or  more of the following reasons.

A. Your current contract may include a discount that ends before your contract ends. You need to review what you are currently signed up for.


B. There maybe an offer available to you that works out cheaper than what you currently have. Follow the link in the email and/or log into your MyTV to see what is on offer.


 C. It will tie you into a 24 month contract if you renew which is to BT’s benefit.

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Re: Contract renewal

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BT will notify you of when your discount is ending, as part of the 'end of contract notification' agreed with the Fairness Framework.

When you have 6 months or less of the agreed minimum term, you enter the recontract window to negotiate a new discount.