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Contracted Annual Price Increases

Does anyone know if there is a maximum percentage increase built in to BT's contracted annual inflation plus 3.9% increases?

With the inflation rate announced this morning as being 2.5% in June, and expected to continue rising well above 3% for the foreseeable future, (according to reports), then this could lead to significant increases next April, if there is no cap.

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Re: Contracted Annual Price Increases

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Re: Contracted Annual Price Increases


Thanks for that - I don't see anything that mentions any maximum increase at all, (which was what I expected). Looks like many customers could potentially be getting large increases next year?

JOOI, if you are not actually in a contract with BT at all and paying out of contract prices, do these annual price increases still apply? I didn't see that mentioned there, other than stating the obvious that if you are not in contract you can cancel at any time without penalty.

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Re: Contracted Annual Price Increases

Hi @Paul608085   I believe that you are getting confused with minimum term and contract. If you are paying BT for a service then you have a contract with BT for them to supply that service. However if you are outside the minimum term then you can cancel that contract without penalty.

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Re: Contracted Annual Price Increases


Well BT tell me that I am not in contract with them, actually never have been it would appear for historical reasons, (ex-employee). I am currently paying what I consider to be a very good price for my landline and broadband and the best that BT can offer me by committing to a 2 year contract is to pay £4 per month more than I am now!

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