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Cordless Phone Working but Corded Isn't

Hi all, new to this forum but have what I think is a strange problem so would appreciate advice.


I currently have a cordless telephone with 2 handsets in different parts of the home. The base unit is plugged into the master socket. I recently bought a cheap BT corded phone and the plan was that I would connect it to a phone socket in my study so I could connect a headset for use when dialling into work meetings from home. This seemed to all be working fine for a couple of weeks. 


Last weekend people were trying to ring us but were getting constant engaged tones. When we tried to dial out, we couldn't get a dial tone on either the Cordless or the corded phones. I unplugged the corded phone and hey presto problem resolved - no more engaged tones and dial tone was back. Tried re-connecting the corded phone and the problem materialised again so obviously the problem exists with the corded phone being connected at the same time the cordless is.


However, I have since tried disconnecting the cordless phone completely and when I plug the corded phone into the master socket I still get no dial tone. I know the phone isn't faulty as it is brand new and I have tested it at my sisters where it works as expected. 


So does anyone know why only my cordless phone now works in my home and the corded phone won't work at all? I was hoping I might be able to still use the corded phone even if it meant disconnecting the cordless but no luck. It seems especially strange given the fact that both were co-existing with each other and working fine for a couple of weekes initially.


Thanks for your help.

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