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Couple of questions about leaving BT - Tying up loose ends.

As many did I got the price rise email. The renewal offer I got sent through was favourable, but I did require a 12 month contract (as I had had originally when I signed up last August). Apparently BT are only doing 18 months now,  which is a shame, so I had to give my intention to leave due to the price rises. 

Questions I forgot to ask were:

1. If I was billed on the 16th July, and I will be switching to VM on 30th July, am I due back any money? If so do I have to chase this or will it be refunded via cheque etc?

2. The guy I spoke to last night seemed to drop off towards the end of the call. Could a mod check my account and double check the intention to cancel due to price rise is logged, as need this to be the case to keep my BT Mobile discount for the duration of the original contract.

3. Am I correct in thinking the £5 discount will only last for the duration of the original contract?

4. Any idea why 12 month contracts have been scrapped?



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