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Crackle on the line - worse when it rains - BT says no fault on the line !

I have had a crackle on my line for several years.  I havent used the landline a lot but over the past few months have been working from home as a customer researcher for various large companies.  I need to use my phone.


The broadband is fine.


I lodged a complaint on Friday 14th to report the fault - Indian call centre I think.  The guy agreed I had a fault and said the line was crackling.  He said an engineer would contact me today.  I logged into my account todayand saw that checks had been carried out on the line and surprise, surprise the usual ''no fault on the line'' message was there.  I again contacted and reported the fault and the next guy - also Indian call centre said the line was so bad with the crackling he would have to ring me on my mobile. BTW no engineer has rung me.  The company that I work for records all the calls made as we are custome research orientated, and emailed me a recording of the crackling.  It was so bad the customer could not hear what I was saying.  I have also taped the calls - so obviously we have a problem here.  All the usual checks have been carried out, filters, master sockets, changing the phone to a new one etc.  None work.  We are in Manchester so it is always raining, damp or overcast.  I have seen several comments about people with a similar problem and the immense difficulty they have getting BT to solve the problem.


I am now losing money as I can no longer work from home as my contract has been suspended until the phone line is resolved.

I now have an engineer (hopefully) coming on Wednesday but am really worried that he is just going to say the same thing and I will be left with the same problem. 

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Re: Crackle on the line - worse when it rains - BT says no fault on the line !

Are you a BT Business customer or a residential one
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