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Crackling Phone Line



An intermittent fault started on my phone line yesterday and it is still there today.

I suspect it is due to recent drop in temperature outside.


My internet started to disconnect.

When I pick up my I can hear crackling on the line which then temporarily goes away afer 10 seconds or so.

My router will then reconnect for a while.  I had 5 uninterrupted hours of internet access yesterday when it was a bit warmer outside.


Last night and this morning I have the problem again.


Next week I will be changing my ISP from Plusnet to BT Infinity.

I would like to get the problem resolved before the changeover.


I rang 0800 800 151 this morning and was connected to the BT overseas call centre.

The lady there said the the fault was with my house wiring or my equipment and I should contact my ISP.


I told her that I had a fault several weeks ago, where the line test said that the line was ok, so it must be my wiring/equpment.  That time I eventually got them to send out an Openreach engineer who found that the fault (no telephone access) was actually due to a short circuit in the street cabinet.


Today the lady I spoke to was reluctant to send an engineer, even though I agreed to pay the fee if the fault was mine.

She eventually cut me off, which was not very profesional of her.


What can I do to get an engineer to come out and check the external connections?





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Re: Crackling Phone Line

Who do you pay your line rental to, Plusnet or BT retail?


The fault can be on Plusnet`s broadband equipment or associated connections, which would not show up on a line test.

Assuming you are on ADSL with Plusnet and not fibre.


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Re: Crackling Phone Line

@GeoffH49, to check your internal wiring, remove the bottom half of your master socket, then connect a phone to the socket that is revealed there.


This is the 'test socket'. dial 17070 option 2 'quiet line test'.


If the crackling or any interference is still there, then the fault is outside your home, and will need to be reported to your ISP as such.


The test socket disconnecets all the extension wiring in your house. I hope you get all this sorted out soon.

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Re: Crackling Phone Line

Thanks for the replies.

My phone line is with BT

My ADSL internet is with Plusnet.


Managed to have a conversation with customer care using online chat.

Result is, I may get an engineer in a couple of days, or I may have to wait till my fibre

is installed next week.


I don't have a modern master socket, so can't isolate internal wiring.




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