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Crackly Phone Line causing Internet Diconnections

Hello Guys


I'm a month in on this one and expecting my third BT Engineer visit tommorow morning. Essentially my phone line became crackly a month ago now and this of course leads to constant internet disconnection when it's bad.


Each time I ring India they confirm they can hear it but each time the engineer comes out it all tests out ok.


Tommorow I am having a visit from a Broadband boost engineer whatever that is.


The last two engineers have both said the house wiring is all ok so obviously the fault/break in the wire is undeground I guess as the last one checked the pole and also the exchange.


Anything more I can do outside of not being able to work from home and spending my life talkiing to automatons in India?



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Re: Crackly Phone Line causing Internet Diconnections

If the crackling occurs while connected to the test socket and the setup in your home is A ok, then the problem is down to an engineer to fix. Others on the forum who have more exp than me might be able to suggest otherwise
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Re: Crackly Phone Line causing Internet Diconnections

Have you tried the quiet line test dial 17070 option 2 you should hear no noise if you can hear noise then it needs reporting to BT faults on 151 with no mention of broadband in the call a noisy phone line does not need a boost engineer you need a line engineer it s not a broadband fault
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