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Credit Reference don't recognise my address

I have just moved into a new build and BT are the only company that can provide broadband to the property for now.

We've created an order with BT, and it's currently pending, waiting for the credit reference people to recognise our address. Our address is registered with Royal Mail as per their instructions, and when I go onto I can find our address immediately in postcode finder, however the credit reference agency say they can't find it and claim point blank that they use the royal mail postcode finder to check addresses. I've asked twice for the issue to be escalated and both times they've transferred my call else where, firstly to the BT sales team and secondly into a hold loop (I get the message saying you're on hold, then the line rings on their end, I hear the phone get picked up, then a beep and then the hold message again, over and over).

I have also been told that I can't raise a complaint because I technically don't have an account yet.

I don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

In the mean time we're spending a fortune on data tethering from our phones as we both work from home.

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Re: Credit Reference don't recognise my address

Hi @HowesJim,

Welcome to our Community. I am sorry to see that we're having trouble getting an order placed for you.

Did you speak with our Credit Referal team or another company?



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