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Crossed line 'fixed', but still no phone or internet

Over two weeks ago, my broadband stopped working and my phone line got crossed with somebody else's. Three days later BT regarded the problem as fixed and closed out the problem without contacting me to see if it actually was. Instead of having no broadband and someone else's phone line, I now had no broadband and no phone.
An engineer was booked to come and fix this, and due to work commitments the only way I could be in to meet the engineer was to turn down a five day job (I'm self employed). I've just wasted an entire day because apparently the engineer checked the line outside, decided that it was working, didn't bother actually ringing my doorbell and checking, and then closed out the fault report (again).
If the fault is inside my property then I have no problem paying for it to be fixed, but if I have to refuse more work to get this done then it's costing me a hell of a lot more than £130.
So, asides from plugging directly into the test socket, is there any other checks I can do inside the property to try and locate this fault?
I have another engineer booked in a couple of days, but I have zero faith that some joker won't close out the fault report without talking to me a third time.
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Re: Crossed line 'fixed', but still no phone or internet

Follow this self check guide from BT.,353


If it does not work at the test socket, then the fault is outside of your house somewhere, and Openreach should be able to find it.


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