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Crystal Palace V Liverpool Poor UHD picture quality.


There is something very wrong with the main camera at the ground today, It's as bad as those wireless camera's, as soon as the camera pans all detail is gone, yet other cameras that are UHD are fine. and it's also visible in HD, and the rest of the world are getting these crappy pictures from this Outside broadcast Unit BT have hired to broadcast this game.

I know BTTV is generally has poor HD Picture quality as standard but at least the UHD has been pretty good until today.


Somebody need to sort out the OB crew responsible.

FYI before people start blaming my equipment, this is the first time in a long time i have had zero continuity errors on BT sport UHD measured by tsreader, I'm getting a perfect error free stream. I can see the same issue on BT sport HD1 and the HD world feed for the premier legue too both have zero Bit Error Rate too.

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Re: Crystal Palace V Liverpool Poor UHD picture quality.

I believe that last season the live premier league UHD coverage used different setup to the existing contracted company's HD coverage... whereas this season the company BT uses  have upgraded their equipment so presumably the same camera setup is used for both the HD and UHD feed .. hence same commentary team on both HD and UHD this season. What that does mean s that there are more 4K units available to cover more fixtures., although the irony s that there is only one 4K channel so only one 4K program transmitted at a time.


I only watched the On Demand HD on BT Player for the match and I would agree that some panned camera coverage was disappointing quality.Not sure why as the same camera did seem to produce good quality at times. Certainly hope that BT Sportpeople look at the coverage and assess why the quality was lacking .. was it technology or operating problem.

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