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Current ISP cancelled switch to BT 3 times and I need some proper info/help

I've spoken to the BT call centre several times and I'm not getting anywhere.  I also emailed my problem to


On 26 or 27 August I received a sales call from BT and I switched my broadband from my current ISP to BT Infinity.  The switch was due for 11/09 but I was emailed by BT on 08/09 to say my current provider had cancelled it.  I phoned BT and they told me 'don't worry' it was a 'technical problem' and they'd reorder it.  My current ISP cancelled the second order too. 


I spoke to my current ISP and they told me they needed a written letter giving 30 days notice before the date of the transfer to my new provider (BT).  I provided that letter (recorded delivery) and was verbally told as soon as they received it they would allow the third attempted transfer to go through.  Despite this they've cancelled it again, 2 days before the migration date.


I've looked into the Ofcom rules and under 'Gaining provider led process' it says: "You only need to contact the provider you wish to switch to, who will notify your old provider of the intended transfer - you do not need to cancel your contract with your old provider."  As far as I can tell my current ISP is violating these new rules which came into effect on 20/06/2015.


I have a BT engineer booked for home installation later this month and I'm unclear whether I should be returning my Home Hub (I had 2 emails and a letter on 14/09 requesting it's return).


Nobody I've contacted over the phone from BT seems to understand the problem and I only received an automated reply from the BT general enquiries email address.  I still want to transfer to BT but with my current ISP seemingly flouting/not knowing what the rules are, I'm not sure how to proceed.


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Re: Current ISP cancelled switch to BT 3 times and I need some proper info/help

Hi trytimes3,

I'm really sorry for the problems you are having with your order.

The best thing for you to do would be to contact our order specialist team and allow them the chance to put things right. I will drop you a private message now which will include the link to the order team whereby you can chat with them online. This order team is based in the UK and will own your complaint until everything is sorted out.

Should you have any further problems after speaking with this team please let us know.


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Re: Current ISP cancelled switch to BT 3 times and I need some proper info/help

Thanks Robbie.

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