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Current firmwae of HH3A?

Hi there,


I'm just wondering what the current firmware for the Home Hub 3A is?

Or if there's a website with the current firmwares listed?


I'm aware you can access a manual firmware update page on the hub by visiting the IP address 192.168.x.x/firmware_upgrade but haven't actually found any official firmwares to install.


The reason I ask is because a month or two ago I was getting ready to go out and a family member arrived who'd just signed up to BT Broadband.  They wanted to know how to change their SSID, so I thought it would be easier to show them than to try to explain.  I grabbed my tablet and signed into my hub to be greeted by a popup box saying that there's a new firmware waiting to be installed, should it do so, OK or cancel.


as I said,I was just on my way out the door, so I hit cancel and figured I'd sign in again later and take a look at it properly.


It never asked again.  I have an issue with my line, so I go through multiple restarts, and have also manually reset it many times.  No further firmware request has ever been made, and it's still on the Feb 2013 firmware that it's been on since... erm... around Feb 2013 🙂


So I simply wanted to check if there actually was a firmware update within the last few months?

This is what I'm currently running.


Software version (Type A) Last updated 19/02/13


Many thanks for reading.


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Re: Current firmwae of HH3A?

See link for firmware updates info. No idea how uptodate the list it is though.

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Re: Current firmwae of HH3A?

Looks like I am indeed up to date then, as expected.
I don't know what this strange firmware update notification was about that one time. I'll just have to mark it up as a glitch.

Of course, if anybody else who happens to read this has a HH3A with a newer firmware, or maybe also experienced a strange firmware update popup notification when they tried to log into their hub, feel free to mention it below.

Thanks again.
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