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Customer Service - lost the will to live

Knowing my BTBA mobile contract ran/runs out sometime this month I thought "Better ring up and check that the old contract continues". BT should have told me "In 2days it runs out and you will get a text message" but started on a marketing call - during the call I had time to establish that for an HTC Hero 3g want £20/month for 24mnths + £1.95"admin fee" was a better deal for me than BT anywhere 250 + £5 "unlimited data" + £50 for the handset.  Made the mistake of entering into the "debate" that BT for 18months was a better deal than 3G for 24 months and that it would cost less.  Thought I was winning until BT moved the goal posts and replaced their number 18 with there recent signing "Numero Seventeeno" .  This striker is 1 month younger and does't carry the middle aged spread of £20 and a £49.95 handset.  BT were revitalised and came back strongly with mathematical wizardry that has only been seen before when Man Utd were bought using their own money.  The game petered out into a draw when the home side turned off the floodlights rather than risk their classy defender Infinity (a contract of 1p/month costs the same as one at £100/month if the contract lasts until infinity)


After a bruising game a complaint/suggestion was in order. Back to the internet & typed 533 characters on the lines of "long standing customer" "know I shouldn't of been drawn in" "a call that wasted your time and mine"etc. Filled in the boxes and click send to be told 255 char limit.  Redraft the text and send - new window opens with a "Loading" icon.  Nothing happens - it could be a browser issue so start again in IE8 and again the never ending "loading icon". Think! - I've still got Google Chrome open maybe that's the reason.  Close all browsers and start with IE8 only - no change so lets try the telephone complaint route.


Get the complaint number off the BT site and can't find the right option (knew BT would be extremely busy with an exceptional number of calls) so not wishing to disturb them I thought I'd try some other contact numbers (maybe sneak in via the residential call and take option 2) Couple of calls and then after being requested to support the world cup bid I was asked if i'd like to take a 5 question customer service survey.  Why not? tell them what a fine job they are doing and call it a day. What a mistake - it's India - "can i help you?" - explain why they are talking to me and I am then told that I'm speaking to them about a customer survey.........managed to call a time out and tell the operator that I was trying to make a complaint, give the account details and brief summary, given another 0800 number and an offer to transfer.  Ring Ring and answered ! an American voice? conversation about why I'm calling and I don't think I'm speaking to the right person - call restrictions/blocking and international roaming were mentioned. Nice chat but I'll ring the 0800 number I've been given - "American again!!?? and this time its High Value Accounts.  I think not but she would like to check my account just to make sure and yes I'm right 50 free minutes just doesn't quite make it.  Anyway I've lost the will to live and call it a day.


Just about to put the phone down when it rings - its 1571 ring back that I've got a message.  Listen to part of  the message and guess what? It's the automated BT customer service survey that doesn't know its talking to a BT telephone answering service and because one of the buttons on your "telephone keypad" is not being pressed it keeps repeating the instructions on how to  score your answer to the question.



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Re: Customer Service - lost the will to live

Maybe try BT Mobile on 08007822326?
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