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Customer non service

Hi All

      New here, but having read a few of the threads I realise that my problem is not that bad compared to some.


      Anyhow can concur with the usual customer service phone loop ( waiited an hour once), plus two weeks and no


      reply, so have contacted them four time in all, without any reply.


       My problem is that  I had high broadband charges upto £20 a month ( who pays that in this market ??) got onto


       BT and signed  up a new contract  with after being told that that they could take off these high charges.


Received the  bill with the charges still on there, so went through the usual as explained above. Anyhow, they now say


£15 off max like it or lump it. So I have lumped it and am looking for a new provider for the line, calls broadband etc.


Anyone know of any semi-decent company who can fulfill the role. ( Not Talktalk)



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Re: Customer non service

No one can advise you of any other company or provider
as it against forum rules sorry
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Re: Customer non service

if you are in contact and cancel there will probably be charges

cancellation charges

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Re: Customer non service

Shop around for the best deal, there are loads of sign up deals for new customers to be had, even BT will do a new deal for you at the end of your contract. That's how I saved £5.00 pcm on my latest con/tract. 😉
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