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Customer service problem and disabled parents

Hello I was wondering if anyone could offer any clarification or advice on this situation.


My parents are both disabled, my dad having severe Parkinson and my mum having a variety of problems and mobility issues.


A couple weeks ago they took a door to door sales man from talk talk up on his offer and signed up with them for his package. ( this wouldn't usually been done without me) Anyway they quit virgin as it was more expensive, but this meant that BT would have to run a line into the house to carry talk talk. So the other day a guy turns up so fit this but we find out that he is not BT as they have sub contracted the work. He completely messes up the work and an actually BT engineer tunrs up the following day who very annoyed and does his best to sort out the problem. After 3 hours he has to leave because of fading light and says that he will be back which is fair enough.


My dad then discovers that talk talk are not carrying over the same number which causes a huge amount of problems for them as all the different agencies, police, nhs, home help etc have the number which they have had for the past 27 years! As such my dad has to pull out of the contract as talk talk will not budge and my mum cannot deal with the stress of a new number ( I know this may seem insignificant, but for them, particularly in their situation it causes massive issues)


Anyway as the BT engineer had been really good they contact BT and discuss the situation who offer to sort it out and take out a contract without any additional costs or charges. They then take out the contract and say they they have to contact customer service to arrange connection.


Well eventually they speak with someone who states that this cannot happen until 29th Nov which isn't great. My dad rings around again and spends an hour or so yesterday getting passed pillar to post trying to speak with someone to sort the situation. I then get a phone call around 2030 last night from a guy called nimhal wanting to speak with me as I have now been put as the point of contact to arrange to bring the date forward as he was aware my parents were disabled. At this point I wasn't aware of the full situation or that all of this had happened so couldn't provide the guy with any info or a order number so as such he couldn't deal with me and asked me to ring back this morning at 9am when they opened.


So..... went away got all the required info to ring this morning, and I must say I am absolutely disgusted with the customer service. I must have spent almost 2 hours getting put on hold and being transferred, only to be hung up on when I politely asked to speak to a supervisor who apparently would tell me the same thing.  


Yet again, I rang up (all of which on a mobile as no land line at my parents) explained the situation to a different guy who apologised and was keen to help. After around forty mins of discussion and being on hold he said that he had sent a message to the chap (nimhal) that I spoke to last night, that he was still dealing with it by bringing the date forward and that he would contact me directly. I thought fantastic!


I then get a phone call from someone else completely who states that it has been brought forward to the 25th. I again explain the situation asking them to take into account and this isn't good enough from the safety aspect of my parents alone. The guy would not listen at all and states that the date has already been changed and cannot be done again.

My parents are not even going to be in on that day as they are both at hospital!!!!! I asked if I could have a direct number for the British engineer Dept that deal with this or a manager, he refuses and says this does not happen. I then ask him if he could pass my details on for them then to contact me instead, again he says no.


I have now realised that there is now in fact an actually working bt phone line on behalf of talk talk which has been cancelled. I am not sure why is still rings or works but it does.


So these are my questions


1 If there is now a bt phone line which was put in on thursday, why do they have to wait until the 25 to get it sorted?

2 Can they keep there old number? (as there is a different number on this new line currently)


I would like to say I have been patient and polite throughout, I am a police officer and fully appreciate that it is not nice to be abused! However I find this unacceptable and all the alarms and call 24etc go through the phone line on thier old number, both of which they have not got so desperately need it sorted.


Sorry for the long message and the shoddy spelling but I would be eternally grateful for a bit of help on what to do to escalate this.






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Re: Customer service problem and disabled parents

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the forum, and sorry to hear of all the problems you’ve had with your parents’ phone line.

If you could send in your details we’ll look into this for you. Our “Contact us” link can be found by clicking on my username under “About me”, top-left of my profile page.

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Re: Customer service problem and disabled parents

Thanks Stephanie, message has been sent.

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