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Customer service

Has anyone else been subject to the disgusting customer service from BT

My bradband kept dropping so I telephoned (India) they could not help so they sent out a engineer who said that he could not find anything wrong this all happened about 2 months ago.


I was finally called by someone in the UK who said that because I had been with BT (loyal) my hub was an old one and therefore may need updating, unfortuneatly because I had been loyal I was out of contract so they could not send me a new hub unless i started a new contract.


This I did and my new hub arrived about a week later after 2 delivery attempts.


I fitted my new hub and everything worked fine until last wednesday when I was unable to get a broadband light on my hub.

I phoned India yet again who again could not help but said that they would send out a engineer who supposed to be calling this thursday.


that is one week after my telephone call.


I also want to split my lone where it enters the house do that I can have my hub in different place lo and behild this will cost me £130.00  pounds.


Why will BT not split it for me free of charge as a gesture of goodwill and some reccompence for my lack of broadband.


Anybody know a good reliable service provider


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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Customer service

It is BT openreach who will do any telephone work in your home or on the line to the exchange not your ISP who are BT retail.  OFCOM insist they are treated as individual companies so any work done bt openreach is charged to retail who pass the cost on to you

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