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Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

Hi people I've signed up to this forum in pure desperation, maybe, just maybe there is somebody from BT listening who can be bothered to listen to my cries and put me out of my misery.
My partner and I decided to set up a BT phone and internet package shortly before we moved into a new property in October.
All was fine our phone and internet was activated on time and we were using it quite happily up until the dreadful day (November 25th) when it inexplicably got cut off...
Various phone calls ensued between ourselves and various chaps (at current count about 9) in BT's Indian call centres during which we were spin a whole range of lies. To give you a flavour:
- The exchange is being upgraded to give you faster internet,
- The phone line is down and being fixed tomorrow,
- Your account was never set up,
- You've never had an account with us,
- Are you a business???
Now, I’m not an angry man but all this deception did rather hack me off. But I was about to get angrier still.
Finally we got through to somebody from the order management team. A Scott if I recall, unfortunately I forget his last name, but he is based in Dundee. So Scott proceeds to tell me that our line was installed by openreach but the order was never closed out, if that happens something times out after 2 weeks and the line gets cut off. This is our situation. So, Scott tells me that he would expedite our reconnection within a week and would call us back in a couple of days.
A couple of days pass, no call, no phone, no internet...  Five days pass, no call, no phone, no internet.
So finally I decide to call back. Learning my mistakes from last time I instantly bypass the Indian chaps and ask for the order management team. This time I get through to Laura. I explain the situation and she offers to pass me onto Scott (as he is dealing with the issue), great I think. I hold and hold until Laura comes back on the line, Scott is on his annual leave, he will not be back into the office for two weeks. Time to hit the wall!
So to cut a long story short I finally was passed to the elusive William. Suffice to say I was spun a similar story by William and he promised to call back, but no call, no phone, no internet. Just a pack of lies and broken promises.
It’s now two weeks since we were cut off and I cannot for the life of me get back in touch with the order management team in the UK, the people who should be able to actually do something. It’s an absolute disgrace that BT cannot resolve this problem in a timely fashion, I mean it’s not our fault, it’s theirs. My Partner is supposed to be working from home and she can’t. This is causing me a massive amount of stress, I just want it fixed!
Anyhow, maybe somebody is listening, probably not. But it makes me feel better to have a little rant. 
Rant Finished  
P.S. No I don't want to email you back and explain my problem to yet another incompetent BT minion. I want somebody to call me personally on my number (it’s on your file) and sort the stupid thing out now! And Yes I will be reporting the issue to the regulator.

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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

you need to email the board mods with your account number phone number and a link to this post they then stand a chance of sorting out your problems you have posted on a public forum comprising of bt customers like you
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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

without those details NO ONE would be able to help you as they do not know who your are no one here is a mind reader
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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

I understand exactly and yes Of course I wil email if asked. I'm just sick and tired of talking to person upon person upon person at BT who don't take the time or don't have enough access too read my file/notes. I know there is somebody who is supposed to be dealing with the issue he's William Sorrie. How hard can it be for one person to actually solve the problem and keep me in the loop. Why cannot I even contact him directly by email or phone, it's basic customer service, it's disgusting.

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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

And I'm really really hacked off!

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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

i understand your frustration, we have been without a landline since 12th november. we have been variously told that 'the road has been closed for 8 hours to allow our engineers to work on the line', 'tree surgeons have been working in the road, cutting back the offending trees', 'the line will be fixed within 3 working days'. none of which is true. we are now almost 4 weeks into this sorry saga, only to be told that 'nothing can be done until the exceptional weather is over'. we don't have exceptional weather here, just normal for the time of year. no snow (at the moment) no heavy frost, no fog, no icy roads. BUT, if they don't hurry up, we will have. And it oculd be April before things improve.

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Community Manager
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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

Hi Ernie_Wise,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.  I am sorry for the problems that you have had.  I can help.


Please drop me an email to the email address in my profile, include your BT account details and the link to this thread.  I will look into this to see what is going on.




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

7 Weeks later, 3 different phone lines, broken promises, a million unreturned phone calls later and still no resolution!


Pathetic BT, Pathetic. About to approach the regulator so watch this space!!

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Re: Cut off from the world and spun a pack of lies - A BT Saga

I Really do feel for you I've been cut off a few times in the last month because of a dodgy man hole....I actually feel nervous when there's a engineer outside in the man hole because usually something goes wrong...I work in customer care in my job. And what we are taught is that always put the customer first...if there are issues they need to be dealt with and not pass the buck. We are all customers whether who ever we work for. You go to someone or somewhere you like you become a repeat customer. You get a bad experience and you remember it!

So two words BT.......Customer Care! Classic example there was a engineer out near my house he cut me off I ran out to him told him my phones been cut off he asked "Have you not paid the bill?" I said you cut me off and he replies sorry I cant do anything your going to have to report it!

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