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Cutting master phone line - builders



I live in a flat on the fifth floor of a building.  Recently I have been having some building work done to the interior of the flat.  While doing some work to the services cupboard, the builders have cut and removed the master BT socket and the line that connects it to outside of the flat.


As I understand it, the line runs outside to a communal BT box.  It is the link between the BT box and my flat that has been cut.


I have been told that I will need to get a BT engineer out to fix the problem and, in essence, the work would be similar to installing a new line.  Having called BT, I got passed around a lot and various answers.  The first person stated that I needed an engineer to repair the line and this would cost £200 (which is fine, the builders damaged it, I don't expect BT to repair it for free).  Eventually I got passed to someone in the faults department who has reported it as a fault.  She claimed that an engineer would be in touch to resolve the problem but she didn't seem to be clear about what exactly happens next.  However, she didn't seem to be very clear on whether an engineer would call to arrange an appointment or just turn up. 


Can someone suggest who I should be talking to about this issue?  I really need to get the line fixed as a matter of urgency.  I want to keep the same number, it's just the physical line to the master BT socket that needs repairing. 


Many thanks.

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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

If its accidental damage, then BT will raise a Time Related Charge (TRC) to cover the work needed to restore the service.

You will be billed for this work, hopefully your builder has some 3rd party insurance.
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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders



Thanks - the builders know they will have to pay for it.  My issue is which department I should be contacting in order to get an engineer out as quickly as possible.


At the moment they have raised a fault on the line.  It looks like I will have to wait for this process to complete before an engineer makes an appointment?


It seems a bit silly to go through that process when the problem is known. 

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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

You would need to contact the fault dept, explain that the wire has been cut INSIDE the flat and that an appointment will be required, suggest that they DO NOT test the line as this could put the location of the fault elsewhere where an appt is not required.

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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

Buy some gel crimps - pennies 100 for £5 ish

join each wire by putting like coloured cores in each two wire crimp give the crimp a squeeze or bash (level not an angle) and you are done

no need to strip the wires as the crimp does enough during the squeeze or bash

the gel is water tight

you are done

before joining the wires think where the joint will be, you don't want them in bulk all together so make each wire core on one end ( say the street end ) a bit shorter than the last core, the other end  ( say the house end ) for the same colour a bit longer than the last core so that the crimps progress in a diagonal fashion down the joint and not one big clump in the middle

if you want yo be posh put the lot on a drop wire enclosure or little box - this doesn't need to be water or weather proof as the crimps ( gel crimps ) are water proof

if you mess it up call BT as you were goin to before reading this - nothing lost  

But it is hard to mess it up

if you can tell which two cores are used in your BT box you only need join theses colour cores

you won't believe how easy it is

you will wonder why you are charged so much by your provider

have a go, achieve and the smile you will have is on me - free


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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

But some people like a professional job doing so their house, or flat in this persons case doesn't look like some some two bit white van man has gone crazy with a hammer......

To not put a cable joint in some sort of enclosure and leave crimps just there.... Sounds like a Billy Bodge Job to me....
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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

It's probably been sorted anyway during the nearly 5 years since the problem was posted.Smiley Wink

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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

How do you find posts that are 5 yrs old on a board with over 44000 posts to post that advice?

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Re: Cutting master phone line - builders

@imjolly Almost certainly through google search or links from other websites 😉
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