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D6400 VDSL2 Modem/Router -> Using with ASUS RT-AX92U Router

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I'm completely stumped here... I have a D6400 modem/router which I've used with BT infinity VDSL2 for years. I've just bought an ASUS RT-AX92U router.

So, I've set the D6400 to MODEM mode only, and it's currently synced on the line.

I've checked the manual and don't have a clue which PORT on the back of the D6400 I need to connect the WAN port from the ASUS model to. I'd presume it goes ASUS WAN Router port -> Netgear D6400 LAN Port??? < which port, or does it not matter ???? Has anybody on the forums here used a D6400 in modem mode before??

I've searched the Net and found literally nothing about my setup, except for one guy on PlusNet who got his Netgear Orbi router working with the D6400 in modem mode.

I can use the ASUS router as an AP but I just want to utilise it fully.

Any help would be much appreciated guys!!!

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Re: D6400 VDSL2 Modem/Router -> Using with ASUS RT-AX92U Router

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I've fixed the issue myself... 

So for anybody who finds this post from search engines such as Google.

Plug the Ethernet cable into Ethernet Port 1 of the Netgear D6400 (after its been put into MODEM mode), plug other end to WAN port on your ASUS router.

Set up the PPPoE connection from the router config after confirming the D6400 modem has synced on the line:

user -> 

pass -> bt

Now, MAKE damn sure at the bottom of the WAN config page in the ASUS router's GUI that you have a MAC ADDRESS listed. IF IT IS BLANK click CLONE MAC button then apply... Your internet will then work if your PPPoE user/pass credentials are correct!!!

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