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DD amount constantly changes

When I signed up with BT, I signed up to pay by DD, and agreed a set monthly payment.  This was fine for about 3 months, but now the payment constantly changes. (usually increases). 


I dont understand why this is happening because I have unlimited broadband - so the charge for this should remain the same.  I have BT Vision - again the charge for this should remain static.  I pay £13.29 per month line rental which always stays the same.  The only thing that changes is the amount of calls I make BUT I hardly make any calls in a month, and certainly have never made enough calls to warrant the increases to my DD amount. 


I agreed to pay £54.00 per month.  Some months they try to take 90 odd pounds, other months its 60 odd, or 70 odd.  I cant afford for these payments to be hiked up all the time.  I tried calling to get an explanation for this, but I was left totally baffled. I dont even think the advisor knew themselves.


Is there a way I can just get sent a monthly bill, and pay for what I use in that month?  Rather than these 3 monthly in advance bills that totally confuse me and seem to be over charging me.



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Re: DD amount constantly changes



If you request that you pay the bill monthly in full via DD, then this will be the exact bill amount taken.


I've never understood why the scheme you refer to is even in existence! I was nearly put on this for wanting to specify my payment date in the month, but realised it's just more trouble than it's worth!



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Re: DD amount constantly changes

There are two direct debit plans:-


Monthly payment plan is supposed to be fixed, but BT may adjust it up or down to avoid building up too big a debit or credit on your account.  It sounds like you're on this, but the system isn't working properly.


Whole bill direct debit simply charges you for what you've used that month.  If you're a light phone user and rarely rent things on BT Vision, this may be better for you.

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