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DHCP Server problem

I'm having a problem connect my Xbox to my internet via Ethernet. It worked when I first set this up but recently it's just not allowing me to.

I keep getting an error saying "can't connect to your DHCP server", I'm assuming that this is to do with my BT Hub? 


If anyone knows why this is happening and how I can get this too work, that'll be great! 

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Re: DHCP Server problem

Hi @Antony23   Have you tried a simple reboot (power cycle or restart) of your BT Hub followed by a reboot of your Xbox. 

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Re: DHCP Server problem

Hi, yes I have tried a restart on both the Hub and Xbox. Nothing seems to do anything. I have considering resetting my Hub but unsure whether that will cause any problems for other devices within my household.

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Re: DHCP Server problem

A factory reset is the only way to clear the DHCP table, which fills up on all of the home hubs and prevents new connections. It should not affect any other devices.

factory reset the home hub.

Then turn Smart Setup off.

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Re: DHCP Server problem

Hi, I have tried these. Still no luck.

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Re: DHCP Server problem

@Antony23 wrote:

Hi, I have tried these. Still no luck.

This issue has been reported before, where the Xbox DHCP request is not being fulfilled, usually the default gateway is missing.

The solution is to manually configure the xbox, so it has an IP address outside of the DHCP range. Its explained on this page Using static IP addresses on your home network

There is a link to a site showing how to setup the xbox.


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