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DHCP home hub 3 and mac os



I seem to have serious problems using macs connected to a home hub 3.


1: The dhcp server in the hub does not register the names of the macs connected to them.

    A followup of this is that the name the hub uses, unknown.<macaddress> is then picked up by the mac.

    To see this open a terminal window and look at the command prompt.

2: When having a mac with dualboot (windows / mac OS) the hub gets really confused.

    Also using a mac that simultaneously makes a connection via LAN and wireless port seems to throw the

    dhcp server in a knot.


3: After a while ( hr use) the finder program in mac does not show other macs on the network.


4: Once a ip - mac pair is in the dhcp table and the device is not active, the item does not show up in the

   devices and as result you cannot delete the device from the table, very frustrating!


I had to revert back to my zyxel router to restore some normality back.


Is this a know problem and if so is there a remedy for it?


Last point, despite the fact that the dhcp server tries to use names allocated to ip addresses, the hub cannot act as a local DNS server. 

It would be nice if the hub could do this.



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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

Peter, I was just wondering if you ever got a response to this or otherwise were able to fix the problems.  I have just had Infinity installed with a HomeHub3, and I am also having serious problems.  I am having similar registration problems with local IP addresses.  But even more serious for me is that opening ports, while appearing to work correctly, does not. The result is that I can no longer reach my network from the outside - not even in the DMZ!


I spoke with BT yesterday and a 2nd level tech told me that his supervisor advised they are not able to support problems such as this.

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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os



I've never heard back from BT.

I've switched back to my zyxel router. That one is far more flexible and does work for my needs.

Looks like BT is following virgin in that they only support customers with simple needs.

I was about to use virgin and had an engineer in for the connection setup when he told me I could not use a modem I already had and could only use the virgin modem. That modem also has limited functionality.

So canceled the installation and the contract.


I think is is all to do with BT and Virgin not willing to invest in a competent support staff that is able to deal with a bit more out of the ordinary situations.


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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

Hello peterb,


Sorry to hear you are having problems. There is a bug in the latest firmware update which affects dual boot machines. Full and gorey details here:


The thread is based around Ubuntu and Win32 dual boot machines, but the principle is the same. The hub will get it's knickers in a twist unless you supply the same DHCP name in Win32 and *nix (which includes OS X).


There is a small, (but growing) band of users not using Win32 with the Homehubs. It's a bit wild west with respect to official support, but the community support is excellent.


A factory reset will allow the Hub to play happily once again in a dual boot environment. I suspect you have made your mind up regarding the Homehub, but you never know when you might need to plug one in again.

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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

Hi Tom,



One of the main problems I see in a MAC OS X environment is the interaction between DHCP in HUb and OS x with regards to pc names.

It would be helpful if the hub could act as a local dns server and it would just pick up names from the PC's. Curently the hub creates its own names.

I the current setup there is no control over what dhcp adds to it's list of pc's. No option to delete or change info there.

So mac OS gets confused over identities of itself and its peer in the network by the info from the hub.



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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os




Yes, it does make up it's own names. There is nothing to stop you renaming each machine on the home network though and then the Homehubs DNS resolves local names (and therefore ping and all services just work).


e.g on my network, I rename my wife's machine unknown-<macaddres> to Macbook.


To do this, you:

A-Z in the top right

Home Network

Click on the Device

Under Device Information, enter a new catchy name

Ensure Allways use this address is set to Yes (it is by default)

Click Apply.


I appreciate, renaming all devices on a network isn't a chore any of look forward to, but it makes things easy and is a workaround for your problem(?) - Peers then all know about each other as they all use for DNS.



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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

Understand what your saying.


Combined with the multiboot issue it would not work.

It would be much better if DHCP could be set to pickup the names when a machine 'registers' on the HUB dhcp.


I was not able to delete entries from the DHCP table of machines that are not active, dhcp in the HUB only seems to show active connections, so no way of manipulating non active machines.



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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

CAn you specify the hub ip address as DNS address for the clients?

I could not get that to work the last time I tried that.

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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

Yes. If you use DHCP for the clients or manually set as the DNS server, then you might find your problems fixed:


e.g on my network the homehub resolves ipad to


tng@marwood:~$ dig ipad @

; <<>> DiG 9.7.3 <<>> ipad @
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: NOERROR, id: 10361
;; flags: qr aa rd ra; QUERY: 1, ANSWER: 1, AUTHORITY: 0, ADDITIONAL: 0

;ipad.                IN    A

ipad.            3600    IN    A

;; Query time: 20 msec
;; WHEN: Fri Jun 10 10:53:32 2011
;; MSG SIZE  rcvd: 38


Hope this helps!(?) - You are going to have to dig the Homehub out of the loft to prove it to yourself now! 😉

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Re: DHCP home hub 3 and mac os

My new HH3 has the same fault as OP's first point: the built-in DNS server does not answer queries for self-registering DHCP clients, even though their names appear in "Home Network Devices"  and the like.


This used to work okay with my previous HH, so HH3 clearly has a regression fault of some sort.


For example, this line is from the DHCP table:


             cucumber  00:22:15:46:60:59   00:22:00:38


but neither forward nor backward DNS queries are answered:


mr@cucumber:~$ dig +short -x
mr@cucumber:~$ dig +short cucumber.home.

whereas HH3 sits there with a name in the "home" domain:


mr@cucumber:~$ dig +short -x
mr@cucumber:~$ dig +short BTHomeHub.home.

Why isn't my cucumber DHCP client there too?


In the previous post (tommybobbins) HH appears to treat local hostnames as top level domain names, ie "ipad." with a trailing dot (was that HH3? cos mine doesn't do the same). That's fun, but fundamentally boken cos it all stops working when Apple register "ipad.", or when I spend hours breaking my brain over why I can't have a local host called "TV".



Anyway, this is all basic standard stuff which used to work and is broken in HH3. Who gonna fix it?


Apologies for the lengthy first post. I'm gonna be grumpy somwhere else now, and when I come back I want one of you engineer types to come clean and promise a fix.


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