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DHCP problems with router

Any ideas folks please?

DHCP seems to have failed on our BT router.  When trying to get into the home network settings, we get an immediate access error 500 internal server error message.

Spent a good while last night onto BT broadband support, who ran through their script and then phoned us and referred us to a BT website where we pay for technical support?!

As we're within contract and have a piece of BT kit, I refuse to pay for support for something that has obviously failed in BT's kit! 

For devices already with an IP address broadband appears to be OK, but for devices which need to get a new IP address (or dare I say it when the lease expires and requires a new one) we appear to be stuck.

Would appreciate finding out if anyone else has these problems or if we are able to talk to someone at BT without running through the script (again!)

Thanks 🙂

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Re: DHCP problems with router

have you tried a full factory reset using the recessed button on back and holding till light flash


if the hub is faulty and within contract then you need to phone CS and ask for replacement  


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