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DISGUSTING! Exact content of offers never confirmed by email, beware as you'll be charged!!!

This happened to me before with an offer made to me on the phone but I managed to have it rectified on the phone being a small amount, and this time I expressely asked to confirm everything in writing which they never do... This time being a bigger amount I supposed, after several calls in which I was promised a call back that never happened, I've just been put on hold and hang up despite being extremely polite to the customer service rep who answered.


I logged in into my BT as I knew my broadband offer was coming to an end soon and wanted to check the exact date. Of course as I logged in there was a reminder and an offer to upgrade to Infinity. I had offers for Infinity before, and the cheapest one - despite being enough for my needs - came with a one-off £50 charge which I could have avoided by going for the more expensive plan, so I was waiting to see if a better offer would come around before switching. The new offer was waiving the £50 on the lowest contract which was what I was hoped for, so I immediately did the upgrade. After that there have been delays, phone calls, a wrong bill where the change was apparently not recorded and I was charged the full price of my previous offer, more phone calls where I kept asking as well to confirm what I was going to pay from now on getting different answers, but I was told I'll see the details on the bill and I naively decided to wait for that.


The second bill since the upgrade came: the details were an absolute mess, between old and new charges, refunds and recharges (?); in the end the total came to about what I expected without the refund I was promised from previous month and I was willing to overlook that just to spare myself the hassle. However on top of everything they decided to charge me the £50 one-off. And that's a step too far.


I contacted BT via chat on Saturday morning as no one would answer the phone at 7am and I had to leave for work. The agent could barely speak English and was clearly using some kind of google translator, in fact when I said that I would be at work most of the day he replied 'I understand and I'm taking ownership of your work' (!)... He said however that no one was available in the UK before 8 and I had to give him a time for a call back. I gave him either 9-9.15 or 12.30-1pm. I was ensured I'll hear back, guess what, never did. I called again at 1. This time a lady with an Irish accent told me that she couldn't do anything because there was no record of the offer anywhere and she would have to escalate to a different team and they'd call me back within 72 hours. In the meanwhile the money would have left my account on Monday morning leaving me not enough for rent and council tax. I had to get back to stop arguing my case and go to work, and I tried to call again at 4. A different agent left me on hold, spoke to someone and ensure me I would get a call later in the day or Sunday at the latest. 


It's Monday, I waited until 6pm. I called, waited in a queue, the agent put me on hold to check my notes and hang up on me. Called again. I've now been on the line 32 minutes to hear first that they'd call me within 48 hours, and after more insistence that she'd send them an email to call me back asap. I'm on hold again after asking to add to her email that I'm in the process to refer BT to Trading Standards and the Omnibus and I was put on hold again. Then she comes back asking again if I was told I wouldn't be charged, to which I repeated again it was on my computer screen and I trusted them, I guess I should have taken a screenshot but I trusted them to send me details in writing or at the very least keep faith to it. I'm on hold again while she speaks to someone else who however doesn't seem keen on speaking to me directly. And after few more minutes, she comes back to say that she'll put all of that in the email and asked them to call me back 'asap'.


Now dear BT, I might have not screenshot that, but I strongly doubt that not giving someone a detailed copy of what is an 18 months contract is not exactly correct practice, especially when the cool down period is 14 days and the charges come 45 days later. And I'm not letting this one go, I can promise you. Considering your recent legal issue with Openreach, I doubt Trading Standards will be happy to hear you're not being clear (to be polite) to your customers.


I'm here expecting a call back, details of what I'm supposed to pay for the next 18 months and if I don't like it the option to change my provider without charges as my cool down period should start when things are clarified. In the meanwhile, every minute that goes by I'll make more people aware of your practices, so hopefully I will at least have the satisfaction to avoid this waste of time and energy to potential future victims. 



Update: this has now been reported in details to the Ombudsman. 

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