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DLM Reset


I have recently swapped out my router for a 3rd party tp-link one.

Customer service we're not help setting this up. I seem to have it working ok but was wondering if resetting the DLM would help improve speeds now there is a new router?

If so how can I arrange this please?

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Re: DLM Reset

If you have a stable connection then you don't need A DLM reset it should automatically set the best speed for your line whichever router you are using   you just need to maintain connection 24/7

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Re: DLM Reset

TBH, no mass market ISP will support anything other than the router they supply, so if anyone wants to swap the ISP supplied router for a third party one, they should be aware of that….Dynamic Line Management , is exactly what it suggests , it adjusts as line conditions change , a ‘reset’ is generally if the line has become banded , without knowing your router stats it’s impossible to know if your line is banded or not , even if it is , on a stable line any banding would be removed over time.
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Re: DLM Reset

Only an Openreach Engineer and or their Support Desk can do a DLM Reset.

CP’s don’t have the facility to do them. Some of them did take part in a Trial a while back where they could request a Reset from Openreach without the need of an Engineer visit but I think that died a death some time ago and no information was given to whether the Trial was successful or not. Chances are it wasn’t and most likely came down to not being Financially viable.

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