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DNS connectivity issues

Hi everybody,

Was suggested by BT to post my question here to see if anyone has any suggestions, hoping I'm posting to the right place (first time poster!) It's a bit long and I'm not that technical so apologies in advance.

Recently started working for a new company, they've had multiple reports of customers unable/having difficulty connecting to our website using their home BT wifi connections, it varies from person to person, but I happen to also be a BT customer so said I'd give it a go. 

On my laptop, I have no issues connecting to the site, however myself and my wife cannot access it using our android phones, met with the following error:


This is isolated to when using BT wifi; no issues when using a sky or virgin connection, and mobile networks are fine too (have tried this myself). Tried a live chat, advisor initially suggested it was something to do with the site not supporting dynamic IP addresses, but after explaining it's only been on BT connections the issue happens, regardless of browser used, they were not so sure of this answer.  

Have found workarounds so I can see it on my phone, but this has required some research on my part and it's only a temporary fix as clearing cache/changing private DNS settings on my phone allows me to view the site, but can reset once phone is turned off to be met with same issue, and is obviously affecting new people potentially accessing the site who don't know about how to get around these things.

We've seen a fairly significant drop in site traffic so any thoughts/help are greatly appreciated. 


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Re: DNS connectivity issues


Welcome to this user forum.

Its worth checking to see if BT Web Protect or BT Parental controls are active, you can do this via MyBT

BT Web Protect will block domains that it cannot recognise, and BT have been enabling it by default on all customer connections.

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Re: DNS connectivity issues


Hi, thanks for the welcome.

Just checked that on my account and they are currently off, so doesn't look like thats the problem im afraid, good tip though thanks 🙂

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Re: DNS connectivity issues


It may be the BT DNS causing the issue. Have you tried a 3rd Party VPN, say NORD, Express or Pure VPN.

This would let you use a different DNS and resolve the name differently. Also check the website name is vaild with as it will show all the DNS servers resolving the name.

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Re: DNS connectivity issues


Haven't been able to try a VPN yet, may do that later.

DNS checker seems to show everything is OK with the website name though. 

Thank you 

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