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DNS - issue when playing on the PC

Good Afternoon everyone, i hope people are ok.


So now lets get to the issue. Every day so far i am getting DNS issue. I have done all the fixes thats on youtube and evern restarted my hub 5 back to the factory and it is still happening.


so here is the information on the hub 5 that i know someone will need to have a look at this


1. Product name:BT Home Hub
2. Serial number:+068343+NQ42570545
3. Firmware version:Software version (Type A) Last updated 06/07/15
4. Board version:BT Hub 5A
5. DSL uptime:2 days, 18:01:23
6. Data rate:11830 / 33478
7. Maximum data rate:14085 / 54746
8. Noise margin:6.6 / 13.4
9. Line attenuation:29.6 / 19.9
10. Signal attenuation:

29.5 / 19.3


This is fustrating as the network adapter on my has not changed it is configured for IPv4 and IPv4 to obtain the IP address from the hub


But for some reason it still drops. Oh and one otherthing, no devices which are using wirless drops.

Secondly since I like to make sure it isn't the machine I use my gaming laptop to see if it happen with that.... Guess what it did.


And i have talked to the online people and they told me to do a full factory reset which i have done and still hasn't fix the issue. So this is becoming anooying.


Please help as nothing has changed on myside



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Re: DNS - issue when playing on the PC

Why don't you change DNS on you PC and laptop to either Google or Open DNS?


You can also use THIS free app to test your DNS response.

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Re: DNS - issue when playing on the PC

I tried that and i didn't work - it's annoying

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Re: DNS - issue when playing on the PC

Does the rest of the network drop out as well or just connecting to websites/online games?


I know you say you have tryied googles DNS but ive noticed quite a few of my pc games are connecting via ipv6 so i would also recomend useing the google both v4 and v6 servers together.


Failing that im thinking network port/cable, only other thing i can suggest is to give your pc its own ip instead of useing the dhcp (something im doing with but 3 of my devices but i have the hub6 which is not as good as i had hoped)


UPDATE: Ive been reading about CGNAT on bt and while im sure im not useing it ive opted out anyway.....

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Re: DNS - issue when playing on the PC



Thank you for youre reply - the cable is actually a CAT5 cable.


When it happens basically no information is going to teh PC to the hub and back - but sometimes it will allow me to get on as the Admin and see what is happening.


I have checked the IP address and it isn't being shared which is good.


It is just anooying as all the other devices which are wireless isn't affected.


If it happens again today then BT will get a nice phone call lol


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