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DNS problem - Very poor connection to secure websites

Hi there,


I have been on BT Total Broadband since the beginning of October and continue to have great difficulty with accessing secure websites, such as Lloyds TSB and the University of Southampton.  It is of paramount importance that I have access to these sites, otherwise having the internet is pointless for me.  All of my Masters degree material and correspondence is online.


I have researched this online and it seems that the consensus is a problem with the BT DNS servers.  It is definitely not an issue with any of the three computers I use on the network, I know this as when they have been tethered to the internet using my mobile phone (while the BT Total Broadband was not working) I had absolutely no issues whatsoever.


Please could someone look into this, as surely if access to such commonplace websites is not provided BT must be in breach of contract?


I hope this is something you can help with and await your response.





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Re: DNS problem - Very poor connection to secure websites

Hi devans1981


Could you check the DNS IP address the Home Hub is using?


You will need to select Settings/Advanced Settings/Internet to view the Primary and Secondary DNS in the HH.


Can you try changing  the default DNS on  your PC to the Google public DNS and retest:


Let me know how you get on.




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Re: DNS problem - Very poor connection to secure websites

Hi moderator - no reply to your advice from the poster, but can you check my post ( and see what advice you have for me?? I still have 4 flaky days before an engineer comes here, so any advice would be useful. Sadly techhelp phone help are not aware of this issue - the forum is rife with examples such as those below.





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Re: DNS problem - Very poor connection to secure websites

hi this is a customer to customer self help forum moderated by BT the moderators do not reply to every post as the issues are only refereed to them if the community members cannot assist as suggested try the Google DNS as suggested and see if that resolves your problem
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