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DNS server issues

When accessing certain websites eg. e-bay the message "You are seeing this page because you are using a BT service which requires the use of BT DNS Servers and it appears that you are attempting to connect using a DNS server outside of our network." etc. Google chrome is OK but Firefox, IE and Microsoft edge displays this message. This problem appeared when BT Virus protect installed an update 2 weeks ago. Any suggestions would be appreciated BT technical help was of no use they just reset the router and said there must be a problem with my PC.

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Re: DNS server issues

Welcome to this user forum.


Usually this happens is you have any software installed like Trustee Rapport, which banks often ask you to do. This software is not compatible with BT Protect, and will give you that error.


IE and Microsoft Edge may be somehow altering your DNS server setting on your network, ot BT Virus protect has not been told to allow those browsers to access the Internet.


I would uninstall BT Virus protect first of all, as its been reported to give problems, by othe forum members.



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