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DV and need for old phone to be plugged in/problem calling a mobile with DV

1. Had a nightmare with the move to DV and four days with no phone. The problem now is that DV only works when our old phone is plugged into the Hub. The old phone does not work ie cannot make or take calls. Why would we need to keep this plugged in?

2. We can make calls from our DV including to my mobile but every time we call my husbands mobile on DV it says it is engaged. We can call his mobile from other phones so it is not his mobile that is the problem


I so wish we did not have to have DV- poor service from BT over the switch, poor instructions or lack of with equipment which arrived after the switch over date and still waiting for an adaptor as they are out of stock



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Re: DV and need for old phone to be plugged in/problem calling a mobile with DV

Have you tried going to hub manager then select your phone number and reset the dect base?

If nothing from that have you tried a factory reset of the hub by pressing the recessed button on back and hold 20/30 secs until light flash then need to re-pair phones to hub and see if that helps.

What happens when you phone home from husband's mobile?


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