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Daily internet dropouts

Hello all.

Alright, so my problem is that my router will disconnect from the internet daily, often multiple times, and usually around a specific time (between 11pm and 2-3am, but generally closest to 1:30am). I work nights from home (in tech support, ironically), so the connection needs to be stable for these hours. 

This has been happening for about two months altogether, and I have accurate logs using software that monitors my connection for the past three weeks.

The dropouts vary in length, from between 60 seconds to 90 minutes as my longest. That's not including anything under 10 seconds which is really annoying, but doesn't disconnect me from anything. I have full logs of all these dropouts (including notes of when it was something like a router reboot, and not a dropout) and I am happy to provide them if it helps BT check with logs on their end.

There seems to be a few types of dropouts too.
- Sometimes the router will flash orange
- Sometimes it will be solid orange.
- Very rarely, it'll be green before flashing orange. In this situation, I can use the ping command and use services like Discord voice chat, but I can't load any web pages or connect fully to most services. 
- Often it will drop for about 5-6 seconds, come back up for 5-6 seconds, then drop for about a minute and a half to two minutes. This is the most common dropout and almost always happens between 1 and 1:30am.
- Occasionally, I can go a day or two without any dropouts. This normally happens after a day with an exceptionally high downtime.

I want to assert some things, having been through the useless (no offence) live chat twice now:

- This is a fault with our connection entirely. It isn't WiFi or device-specific, every single device will go offline.
- This is not a fault with internal wiring. I have tried replacing the cable and ADSL filter from our socket to the router, it made no difference.
- This is not a fault with our line (as much as that pains me to say, I'd love for it to be an external problem). I've done the quiet line test during dropouts, and everything sounds fine - or at least, it's no different to when the internet is working.
- We have rebooted and fully reset the router, there was no change.

When the internet works, my connection is totally normal. My ping is great and I'm getting my quoted speeds.

Every time the internet drops, I get this message printed in my router logs:

:Connection to the Internet has been terminated.(Reboot,Reconfiguration,forced termination)

Finally, I am quite a tech-savvy person and understand a lot about network protocol and so on, so please don't hold back with potential fixes. If someone from BT can confirm that this is a router issue, then I am happy to buy a non-BT, 3rd party router - as I've heard stories about how many home hubs are faulty in one way or another - but I don't want to do this if it wont fix the problem. We've only had this specific one for about a year after it was replaced for WiFi dropouts/range issues.

Alternatively, if BT can't/won't fix the problem, then we will leave. Simple as that, if it's not resolved in 28 days of this post then we will leave. 

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Re: Daily internet dropouts

you have not said if you have actually tried test socket with filter to eliminate everything in your home - assuming when in test socket there is no dial tone at any extension socket whether in use or not

the quiet line test should be totally silent apart from announcement

can you post stats from your hub please  advanced settings then technical log information

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Re: Daily internet dropouts

I have an Openreach Master Socket 5C, which doesn't seem to have a dedicated test socket. It has what appears to be a filter build directly onto the unit, which is removable and shows just one socket underneath.

I've tried with a couple of different filters directly into that socket, and even a direct line to the router (no filter).

As for quiet line test, there is a general faint hiss sound, but it's very consistent and the same regardless of dropout or not. It is quite quiet, so I assumed it was with the handset itself (which is wired, not wireless). We actually don't use a phone in this house at all so I had to plug it in specifically for the testing.

Here's my router information: Do you want the event log too? I have some copies saved from during dropouts a few days ago.

FWIW: No dropout so far tonight, although I've had inconsistent ping to some servers (spiking up to 200ms+ for a while in some online games where I normally get a consistent 30ms)

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Re: Daily internet dropouts

if you have the master 5c then when you inclip the detachable from you should be able to see the test socket  can you connect to that with a filter and repost your stats  please post here and not wiyth a link elsewhere as it make easier ref

the quiet line test should be silenet and any noise is a problem for your broadband  check again when you have filter in test socket and if still hiss your need to report phone fault to 151

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