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Daily (or more) email password reset

BT is forcing me to visit the its website and reset my email password every day. This is becoming a serious issue - I can't check emails away from my home computer and I'm starting to loose track of the tens of passwords over the last few weeks.

I think this is a common problem

Is anyone inside BT aware of this ? Is anything being done ?

Does anyone know how to fix ?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Daily (or more) email password reset

A quick perusal of the forum would reveal that this problem has been ongoing for some users for months with no prospect of a resolution unfortunately. I'm sure BT are aware but as the problem appears to be with Yahoo, who BT are dumping as an email provider, they appear to have little clout in getting a fix.


BTW, there is no need to run out of passwords, simply toggle back and forth between 2 passwords. In fact I'm not even sure if the password change mechanism even checks for previous use of a password so might even be possible to 'change' your password for the same one.