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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

Is the screen size set the same on the HDMI1 input and the inbuilt tuner?

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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

OK, so you’ve probably detected I’m no TV expert, so please bear with me while I update you on the latest investigations, in case it helps. I think we’re getting somewhere, but I’m not sure what I can actually do to prevent the issues I’m seeing.


So, here goes, grab a coffee as this could take some time (apologies)…


My latest test, prompted by skappy70 above, involves a comparison between the TV Picture settings for the TV’s own YV tuner and the external BT YV box connected via HDMI1. I have taken photo’s to remind myself more than anything what I was seeing.


So, both the TV tuner (referred to as “Digital TV” in the photos) and the BT YV box (referred to as “HDMI 1” in the photos) both set to Channel 101 (BBC One HD):


Starting with the Digital TV Options:




You can see the Sony Bravia settings available to me, and you can see that the Wide Mode setting, which seems to automatically default to whatever type of signal it is receiving per channel, is set to “Full” mode. The photo below shows the options that this could have selected, or I could over-ride if I chose to:




Now, if I change the input to the TV to be HDMI1 and do the same, this is what I get:




You can clearly see that the TV has automatically selected “Wide Zoom” mode, which explains why people look “bigger” when I’m watching from the BT YV box. However, when I try and change this option I get the following message “Not available with current signal”:




Now, for my next experiment!


If I set both the TV tuner and the BT YV box to a channel where I know I have “flickering” at the top of the screen. I tried to pick the first one on my list (Really – Channel 17), but unfortunately it is not being broadcast this early in the day, so I pick the next one (Drama - Channel 20).


I start with viewing the options set for the TV Tuner, and this is what I see (you will see Wide Mode set to “Wide Zoom” by default and the picture fills the whole of the TV screen:




However, when I switch the TV to the HDMI1 port, this is what I see (you will see the Wide Mode is set to “Wide Zoom” by default, but this time the picture is only showing in a small window in the centre of the screen and is not “stretched” at all.




If I try and adjust ANY of the Picture settings when watching any of the HDMI input’s I get the following message (Not Available with Current Signal):




Any help, most appreciated as I am totally baffled, and only want to get the flickering top line to go away when I am watching the channels listed above on my BT YV box. Many thanks.



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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

For what it is worth.


i experience the issues you describe 


a. On a Youview BT DTRT4000   Set with HDMI Display Setting to 1080p


and also on 


b. on a non  Youview PVR. , a Humax HDR-FOX T2


this on a Panasonic  HD but non UHD TV.


using that Panasonic TVs own tuner the issue is still there.



That Panasonic TV has a setting called 16:9 overscan  which I normally have set to Off but in those instances where I watch the affected channels I can switch to On  and the screen image to very slightly zoomed to avoid the distracting line.


So from my perspective the issues on Freeview channels are not unique to a Youview box 



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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

OK, I might have made some progress through trial and error after seeing this article.


My UHD BT YV box has by default worked out that my TV is UHD, 50fps, 8bit, so has set it's output at that (or maybe they all default to that). The article linked to above seems to indicate that for my model of TV, with a UHD input I don't get an option to change any Picture Settings on an HDMI port (a bit strange)!


So, I just "downgraded" the output quality of my UHD BT YV box to 1080p and guess what? I can then change Picture Settings on my HDMI port.


This defeats the whole point in purchasing a UHD YV box to go with a 4K TV.


I have also noticed in my pictures above that ALL HDMI input settings are defaulted to Wide Zoom, which is clearly not ideal from an image quality perspective, as whilst the image appears slightly larger, I am assuming it is effectively stretching & cropping the image in this mode.


So, I still have my issue of flickering in the top row of the screen which I could do with help with, but at least I now know why the Picture settings weren't available to me for HDMI ports on my Sony Bravia TV, maybe this will help others.


To be honest, I am regretting going for the UHD YV and TV option and I should have gone for the HD versions of both 😞 - I guess it it a trade off between having the 1TB box (albeit with lower firmware version) and having the Kids channels (Disney options are a big hit in my house) versus a 500G box and fewer kids & HD channels.....

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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

You wouldn't get less Kids channels with the non UHD box, Kids extra is available with boths boxes/packages.

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Re: Dashed line or black “flicker” at top of screen on certain channels

OK, so it's 5 months on and I wanted to share the outcome of this.


Sony released a new firmware update and my TV auto updated to this last night.


Guess what? I still have the same "flickering" issue as I have always had.


Sony just called me to check how the update had worked and I explained I still had exactly the same issue.


They then informed me that the issue I am experiencing is not a Sony TV related issue and is down to the way the BT YV box is sending all content to the TV (which they claim is acting as a dumb terminal in this case). They claim that as the YV box is sending data to the TV via HDMI as UHD, 50fps, 8 bit for all channels/content, where content is a mix of SD or HD. They claim I need to manually change the setting to be 1080p for all non-UHD channels and then manually set the UV setting to UHD for teh BT Sport 4k content channel.


I had already proved months ago that if I do this the flickering issue does indeed go away. My argument is that I shouldn't need to change any settings when flicking between channels?


Any help grately appreciated.

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