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Data Add-On Stuck On Mobile Account


I added the 1Gb Data Add-On for £6 to one of my family mobiles in the month of May. It was required just for this month and I cancelled it before the 30 day rolling contract.  This was all done through my on-line account.

However, it’s still on my mobile account and I’m being billed for it each month but BT Customer Services do not have it showing on their systems and therefore cannot remove it, only add it again, as if I don't have it.

BT CS say I don’t have the 1Gb Data Add-On – I can assure you I do and I’m being billed for it! 

I’ve been round the BT houses trying to get this fixed. Any suggestions other than getting the PAC number, cancelling my contract for this number and moving it to another provider. 

Please can a Moderator/BT Specialist look at this please.

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Re: Data Add-On Stuck On Mobile Account

Hi @y5stu

Have you tried the Online Billing Team they should be able to check the service isn’t on the account anymore and remove any charges.  If they can see the charge but not the service, they should be able to raise a fault. 

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