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Data Protection Breach


I need some help from BT please. 

I ordered a new connection with an Ex-Directory number. I have email confirmation that my number will be Ex-Directory. Due to an error BT have published my address and phone number in the directory listings. Having my address publicly available is causing me distress. 

I phoned BT about this last Sunday when I realsied what had happened. The advisor said it could not be resolved until Wednesday, and someone would call me on Wednesday. This promise was broken.

I called on Thursday but the advisor put me on hold to look into the problem, and I was cut off. Nobody called me back.

I called on Friday and was told that no action had been taken to correct the situation and nothing can be done until next Thursday. I said I was not happy about this. A complaint has been logged and someone will apparantly call me back within 48 working hours. Based on previous experience I doubt this will happen.

In the mean time my details remain available to all and sundry and nobody at BT seems to care about the distress this is causing me. 

Every time I call I spend an age on hold, have to repeat the whole story again and then am promised a call back which never materialises.

I understand that mistakes can happen but I expected BT to recognise that they are breaking the law by using my Personal Data in this manner and take prompt action to address the situation.

Please can anyone help me to contact a senior manager at BT who is able to resolve this situation?

Thank you. 

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Re: Data Protection Breach

Welcome to this forum.
This is a customer to customer forum only,


This is where customers help each other get the most out of BT products & services.

Anything you post here does not go to BT. Although the forum is moderated by BT, not all posts are read.
Everyone posting here, are just BT customers like myself


I have flagged this message to one of the moderators.


This is a public forum which can be viewed worldwide, so please do not post any personal information, especially phone numbers, account numbers, fault numbers, address information or email addresses, as this could be used to impersonate you.


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Re: Data Protection Breach

Hi @Andy999,

Welcome to the community and thank you for posting.

I can understand your frustration at having your Directory entry listed incorrectly and I'm sorry there has been a delay in your complaint being resolved.

I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint and to help put things right. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile?



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