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Data Roaming Fault Finding

I am struggling with data roaming in Malta. Last time I was abroad, in August, I successfully used a data roaming add on and I think all my settings are the same. The BT online chat service have assured me that my account is enabled and should work.


Any suggestions for how I can identify where in the chain my problem my be, would be great. Currently I have manually set new APN and restarted my phone to reset it, so I think the local settings are correct, but it's clear the phone is not online via data, the internet pages do not even try to connect.


Any clues of where to look to determine if this is a hardware, location or settings issue would be great. WiFi connection works fine, as do voice and text.



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Re: Data Roaming Fault Finding

I would implore you to have faith and trust in the good people manning the online chat service. It seems from what you have said that maybe you could ask them to re-search their extensive data base for similar issues that have been resolved in the past. The operators there are a truly skilled group of stalwarts dedicated to resolving customer problems in double quick time. You may have to ask to be referred on to someone in the tech team, but do not despair patience and persistance will see you through. Alternately you could try popping into a local phone shop for advice, man on the ground may have insider local information. Hope all goes well, esp with those great guys on the chat line. Go team.🎯👍🏾💯

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