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Dealling with BT: Re Billing Complaint

BP Complaints


Please find following a copy of online chat correspondence between myself and your staff relating  to administrative failures in your accounts department.  This letter has also been posted and faxed to your complaints department however I don't have any faith whatsoever that the complaints department will 'receive' it.


I have just received yet another miscalculation in your billing for my account, telephone  number *********** – this is the third bill your office has failed to issue according to correct procedures.  To date I have spent in excess of 3 hours chasing up your office, your people and your accounts to straigten this out and to date your office has failed miserably, thus far succeeding only in cutting of my services a number of times to then have the mismanagement to charge me for it!

I have little confidence that you will sort out the following but I no longer trust BT to carry out its obligations or arrangements with myself over the telephone so, you can see for yourself in the below conversation how depressing it is to have to deal with your company. 

My only hope at this stage is that some bumbling person will not cut me off again.  You may contact me on **** *** *** to tell me what you think you will do about my future accounts but in the meantime I will be researching for a company that is capable of fulfilling its customer service obligations without feeling as though I am being harassed.

Yours in Disappointment and Frustration


01 October 2010


See my account, Bill date 29 September to find the failures.   You will see that nothing that Joseph promised has been carried through and indeed I have been charged for BT's errors.

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Re: Dealing with BT has become a depressing torture experienced as harrassing victimisation

Hi Nicmil,


Thanks for the post and welcome to the forum.


I am sorry for the problems that you have had with BT, I can help.  I will need your account details so that I can look into this for you.  Can you please drop me an email to the address in my profile, include your BT account details and the link to this post.




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Re: Dealing with BT has become a depressing torture experienced as harrassing victimisation



My advice -


1. Keep a record of name and time you speak to anyone and all other correspondence


2.  Chase everything - don't assume that someone promising to help on this forum will do so. 


3 Copy all emails to,, and


4. Be very clear with BT that you intend taking this matter to mediation (the mediator for BT is OTELO) if it is not resolved to your satisfaction.  You can do this if the matter is not resolved within 8 weeks


5. When the matter is resolved insist on reasonable compensation.  Be clear that rebates and refunds  are not the same as compensation.  If you have cost such as phone calls, letter etc, insist BT refund you for these. Set compensation at level that shows you are being reasonable not punitive as asking for too much means you run the risk that if you do have to take the matter to mediation OTELO may think you were unreasonable.


6. Mark correspondence "without prejudice" when you negotiate for compensation - that way you can use it to show OTELO you were being reasonable but BT cant limit your claim at a later stage to that amount.


Good luck.

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Re: Dealing with BT has become a depressing torture experienced as harrassing victimisation

Better yet, record all your calls. Most of these BT gangs record the calls they make to you. Confirm this when one of these first names rings you out of the blue about a complaint. They can hardly object if you do the same. It's the only way of keeping a record of what's happened. Easy and relatively cheap to do! (Makes for depressing listening, though.)

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