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Default 2016, BT can't locate the account.

Hello, I've called BT on numerous occasions over the last 3 years regarding a defaulted account registered October 2016 for £46. There's no missed payment markers, just query for 4 months and then default.  The first time I spoke to an advisor (aug 18) he said the balance was £0 and there wasn't anything to pay.

I have challenged this with Experian and Equifax through their channels 3 times and I keep getting the same automated response that the default should be registered but with no reason as to why.

Fast forward to now and I've tried to locate the account again, the advisors can't find anything on their systems as the account is probably so old that it doesn't exist on the system anymore. Yet this default still exists and it's affecting my mortgage offer, I'll be homeless at this rate as we are in a chain and I can't get the mortgage we need due to this default being unsatisfied, yet I can't even get it satisfied and removed because the account apparently doesn't exist.

Please can someone help, as I say, I've tried Experian and Equifax to challenge it but BT keep saying the same response. The advisor I spoke to on Monday at BT advised me to complain to BT which I have also tried, but apparently I can't make a complaint on an account that doesn't exist. 

I need this resolving as soon as possible. 



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Re: Default 2016, BT can't locate the account.

Hi @EJE, welcome to the forum and sorry that you have this default on your file and have not been able to get this resolved on your previous attempts.

When you have contacted Equifax and Experian have you raised a dispute about this default? The reason I ask is that Equifax and Experian both have a process in place where they deal with BT direct to work on behalf of the customer to resolve the issue. If you have when did you raise the last dispute and is it still open or have they closed this?




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Re: Default 2016, BT can't locate the account.

Hi John, thanks for your reply. @JohnC2 

Yes, they were raised as disputes every time, with both CRA's. 

Each response has been:

"The company we raised your dispute with have confirmed that the data is correct and no change will be made to the information. The information on your credit report belongs to the data provider and we cannot change it without their authorisation. This case has been marked as resolved. You can see the details of this case by logging in to your Equifax Online Help account and going to My Cases."


But, when I call BT to find out exactly what account it relates to, they can't locate anything. Which is really frustrating as I have this outstanding balance and default, but can't even pay it or even discuss anything relating to it when I call. I even have the account number on the credit file and I've given BT this.




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Re: Default 2016, BT can't locate the account.

Hi @EJE, thanks for getting back to me.
I take it that the case is now closed with the credit reference agency, and in that case would you please raise a new dispute, and note the reference number as you don't have the account number.
I've sent you a Private Message with details on how to contact the Mod team and get back to us with your details and the reference number we'll be happy to help you get this resolved.



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